Why Visual?

In today’s competitive global marketplace, both AI and image recognition technology are paramount for communication. This applies to both visual and voice search, and can be achieved using AIQ’s patented Video and Image Recognition Technology.

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Our Patented Pending Technology Powered by AI – Impacting Brands & Businesses

AIQ’s technology of computer vision and video recognition is patented. With that proprietary technology we have developed solutions that are the first-of-its-kind in the O2O (offline-to-online) space in Asia.

We have developed brand-centric apps for customer acquisition to gamification apps for lead generation. Our multi-channel solution is set to revitalise how brands and businesses like yours connect and interact with various customer segments, transforming the effectiveness of the traditional media landscape.

Our clients love how customer interactions across their offline to online (O2O) platforms are seamlessly integrated; they use the AIQ solution to empower their brands and companies to convert traffic generated from out-of-home media or marketing collaterals into real time conversions and brand engagement opportunities.

Why Clients Trust Us?


AIQ's patented Video and Image Recognition Technology allows for instantaneous processing of videos and images even if only 30 percent of the video or image is being captured.


AIQ's Video and Image Recognition Technology allows for speed and convenience in search and discovery. Our patented Video and Image Recognition Technology has a speed of 300 milliseconds, allowing customers to scan and interact with visuals instantaneously.


AIQ's patented Video and Image Recognition Technology allows for swift and seamless navigation between offline physical collaterals and the wealth of interactive digital content that is highly interactive.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), AIQ's patented Video and Image Recognition Technology can be activated on the global level, allowing for scanning and interactions to be done wherever you are, so long as the video or image is ingested in AIQ's backend system.


With a Customer Management System (CMS) in place, AIQ's technology allows brands and retailers to study data analytics and monitor insights related to videos and images which customers have scanned and interacted with